Extended info for the jazz extravaganza – Sunday 26th Jan 2014

Jazz North East & Splinter present

Jazz North East & Splinter present
Raising Funds for Jazz North East
Sunday 26th January
Jazz Cafe | 25 Pink Lane | Newcastle NE1 5DW
Bridge Hotel | Castle Garth | Newcastle NE1 1RQ
Tickets £10.00 for the afternoon or evening sessions (ticket covers both venues)   £15.00 for an all-day pass
* In Person from the Jazz Cafe or Small Change (Stepney Bank, next to the Star & Shadow)
* Online via PAYPAL to jazznortheastcrowdfunding@yahoo.com
* By cheque made payable to Jazz North East Ltd (for details email jazznortheastcrowdfunding@yahoo.com)
1.00 – 2.00pm @ the Jazz Cafe
Alan Law (piano); John Pope (bass); Jonathan Marriott (drums)
Alan Law’s recently formed trio is a great showcase for his playing both on standards and on more ruminative excursions that remain rooted in the jazz piano tradition while breaking free of fixed harmonic patterns
1.00 – 2.00pm @ the Bridge
Zoe Gilby (vocals); Mark Williams (guitar); Andy Champion (bass); Adrian Tilbrook (drums)
A subtle shift in Zoe’s regular quartet, with Adrian Tilbrook (the father figure of North East jazz) taking over the drum chair from Richard Brown.
2.00 – 3.00pm @ the Jazz Cafe
John Burgess (tenor sax & clarinet); Graeme Wilson (tenor & baritone saxes); George Burt (guitar)
A little get-together for three members of the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra. Graeme Wilson is of course well known to Tyneside audiences as a member of Andy Champion’s ACV and leader of his own quartet, while madcap guitarist George Burt has played gigs at the Bridge and the King’s Hall in the company of Andy Champion & Corey Mwamba. But John Burgess was most recently seen on Tyneside as a member of Scottish New Orleans group Nova Scotia, demonstrating that free improvisers also know and love the classic jazz tradition.
2.00 – 3.00pm @ the Bridge
Matt Anderson (tenor sax); Lloyd Wright (guitar); Mick Shoulder (bass); Adam Sinclair (drums)
Most recently on Tyneside with his Wildflower Quintet, celebrating the music of Wayne Shorter, Matt Anderson is at the forefront of a new generation of Leeds-based musicians who are digging back into the mainstream jazz heritage. Here Jazz North East have put him together with Mick Shoulder and Adam Sinclair, old hands at providing support for visiting soloists, and with guitarist Lloyd Wright, most frequently encountered with his fusion trio Legohead, but here demonstrating his more straightahead chops.
3.00 – 4.00pm @ the Jazz Cafe
Alex Hutton (piano); John Pope (bass); David Carnegie (drums)
London-based pianist Alex Hutton has been described by critic John Fordham as an inventive writer of cinematic, folksong-like melodies, and an improviser who likes to feel pop-song chords beneath him. His regular trio features A-listers Yuri Goloubev and Asaf Sirkis, but here he’s teamed with Tyneside favourites John Pope and David Carnegie (making a welcome return from his new home in Edinburgh).
3.00 –  4.00pm @ the Bridge
Jason Yarde (alto & soprano sax + electronics); Martin Pyne (vibes) + Mystery Guests!
Over the past couple of years the brilliant Jason Yarde has been developing a solo project combining his sax playing with electronics. Although this has been recorded for BBC radio, this session at the Bridge will be the first time he has ever presented the material in a concert setting. From around mid-way through the session he will be joined by London-based vibist Martin Pyne (another player who makes use of electronics in his trio Busnoys) and other friends from the assembled cast of musicians.
4.00 – 5.00pm @ thee Jazz Cafe
Simon Spillett (tenor sax); Matt Anderson (tenor & soprano sax); Paul Edis (piano); Mick Shoulder (bass); Adam Sinclair (drums)
Tenor player Simon Spillett, widely regarded as the musical heir to the great British saxophonist Tubby Hayes, has played a couple of Jazz North East gigs backed by the Paul Edis Trio, and he was enthusiastic about renewing his acquaintance at this fund-raising gig. But then there’s another superb straightahead sax man on hand in the person of Matt Anderson, it was too good an opportunity to miss, and here the two of them come together in what could be a reminder of great two-sax front lines of the past.
4.00 – 5.00pm @ the Bridge
Ntshuks Bonga (alto sax); Alex Ward (clarinet); John Coxon (guitar); Mark Sanders (drums)
Guitarist John Coxon, once part of celebrated drum ‘n’ bass duo Springheel Jack, has become one of the key movers & shakers on the free improvisation scene, setting up any number of inspired meetings between musicians from both sides of the Atlantic. When he offered to take part in the Jazz North East fund-raiser, he suggested a set for the trio of himself, Alex Ward and Mark Sanders. But JNE are also enthusiasts for creating new combinations, so – with John’s approval – they’ve added South African-born alto player Ntshuks Bonga to the mix, to create a truly outstanding quartet.
TIME FOR A BREAK!  An hour long opportunity for the organizers, the musicians, and the audience to take a breather and grab some sustenance.
6.00 – 7.00pm @ the Jazz Cafe
Mick Beck (tenor sax, bassoon & whistles); Stephen Grew (piano); John Pope (bass); Charlie Collins (drums)
Sheffield-based Mick Beck is nothing short of a force of nature – originally a paint-stripping exponent of free jazz saxophone that contained hints of late Coltrane and Albert Ayler, he later became one of the few improvising musicians to have found a convincing language for the unwieldy bassoon, as well as adding whistles and other paraphernalia to his armoury (shades of Rahsaan Roland Kirk). Fellow-Sheffielder Charlie Collins and Lancastrian pianist Stephen Grew are regular sparring partners: bassist John Pope pleaded to be added to this set, and JNE were too kind hearted to refuse.
6.00 – 7.00pm @ the Bridge
Graeme Wilson (saxes); Noel Dennis (trumpet); Mark Williams (guitar); Andy Champion (bass); Adrian Tilbrook (drums)
Once a familiar and popular figure on the North East jazz scene, trumpeter Noel Dennis has been based in Glasgow for the past couple of years, but has recently returned to his Teesside base. The opportunity to involve him in this fund-raiser was too good to miss, so he’s been put together with a group of partners from the past in what is likely to be a set of energetically tackled post-bop standards (although, as the line-up contains 80% of Andy Champion’s ACV, things could get a bit heavier from time to time!).
7.00 –  8.00pm @ the Jazz Cafe
Jason Yarde (alto & soprano sax); Lloyd Wright (guitar); Mick Shoulder (bass); David Carnegie (drums)
With Jason Yarde having travelled the furthest to get to this event (he’s now based way down in Hastings), it would have been a waste to have restricted him to one session, so – following hiss electronics set earlier in the day – this is an opportunity for him to show off his more ‘conventional’ side. Quite how conventional, though, remains to be seen (and heard), as he’s offered to bring some of his own compositions for this ad hoc quartet. But there’s no doubt that the accomplished team of Lloyd Wright, Mick Shoulder and David Carnegie will be able to handle whatever’s thrown at them.
7.00 – 8.00pmm @ the Bridge
George Burt, John Coxon, Chris Sharkey, Alex Ward (guitars)
When Jazz North East sat down to look at the list of musicians who’d offered their services, they found a veritable glut of guitarists. Fortunately this included a quorum of the finest improvising axemen in the UK, so it seemed only sensible to put them together and to allow them to have fun. Coxon and Ward (both from London), Burt (from Falkirk), and Sharkey (from Gateshead via Leeds) have never previously been in the same room together, so this is indisputably a first: they’ll work in various permutations and combinations as inspiration strikes, with a collective conflagration almost certain to close proceedings.
8.00 – 9.00pmm @ the Jazz Cafe
John Fleming & Nick Rundle (saxes); Andy Bunting (piano); Nick Jurd (bass); Jonathan Silk (drums)
The only full, regular working band in the fund-raiser programme, drummer Jonathan Silk and his Quintet are driving straight from Birmingham to play this set. Three of the members (Jonathan himself, plus John Fleming and Nick Jurd) played at the Bridge last year as part of the Toby Boalch Sextet, but this is a first ever Tyneside appearance for Jonathan’s own band: I did, however, catch them at the Manchester Jazz Festival in 2012, and was very impressed both by the writing and the playing – great contemporary jazz with a profound feel for the tradition.
8.00 – 9.00pm @ The Bridge
Mick Beck, Ntshuks Bonga, John Burgess, Graeme Wilson, Jason Yarde (saxophones); Alex Ward (clarinet & guitar); Corey Mwamba, Martin Pyne (vibes); Grete Buitke (voice); George Burt, John Coxon (guitars); Stephen Grew (keyboards); Andy Champion, John Pope (bass); Charlie Collins, Adrian Tilbrook (drums);
The high esteem in which Jazz North East is held in the free jazz/improv community is reflected in the number of free players who have offered their services for this fund-raiser, and it would have seemed like a wasted opportunity not to give them their collective head. So JNE have asked Derby-based (and Tyneside favourite) vibist Corey Mwamba to co-ordinate a two hour session of different combinations and permutations, some pre-determined, others spontaneously evolving. Nothing is certain, but the session is likely to start with a rare vibraphone duet between Corey and Martin Pyne, and other probable highlights include the trio of Mwamba, Champion & Bonga (who played a stunning set at last year’s Gateshead Jazz Festival), vocal pyrotechnics from Grete Buitke, and encounters with the FROCK (free rock) drumming of Adrian Tilbrook!
9.00 – 10.00pm @ the Jazz Cafe
Paul Edis (piano) + invited guests
Over the past decade pianist Paul Edis has become one of the key figures on the North East scene, both as an interpreter of the jazz piano tradition, and also as a tireless and inspired organizer. So it seems entirely appropriate that for this last set at the Jazz Cafe Paul has been given carte blanche to invite whoever he likes for what Jazz North East have described as ‘midway between a structured set and a high quality jam session’. We’re not going to even guess at who might be involved, but Paul is so highly respected that we would expect nothing but the best (which must surely include some of his own superb playing).
9.00 – 10.00pm @ the Bridge
And at the Bridge the free improv high jinks continue. Veterans of Jazz North East’s now sadly defunct ‘On the Outside’ festivals may recall the climax to the 2005 edition, with 16 musicians on stage and the inspirational Alan Silva leaping dementedly around in front of them, trying to impose some semblance of order on the proceedings: here, perhaps, is a chance for Corey Mwamba to take on the Silva mantle as sorcerer’s apprentice, bringing the day’s events to a suitably rousing climax!

Jazz North East Fundraiser – Sunday January 26 – Full Line-up

 THE JAZZ CAFÉ                                          BRIDGE HOTEL

All day pass inc. both venues £15 —- Afternoon or evening pass inc. both venues £10.      
1:00pm     Alan Law Trio                                              Zoë Gilby Quartet
2:00pm     Burgess, Wilson & Burt                            Matt Anderson Quartet
3:00pm     Alex Hutton Trio                                         Jason Yarde & Friends
4:00pm     Simon Spillett Quintet                              Bonga, Coxon, Sanders & Ward
6:00pm     Beck, Collins, Grew & Pope                   Graeme Wilson – Noel Dennis Quintet
7:00pm     Jason Yarde Quintet                                  Guitar Quartet with Burt, Coxon, 
                                                                                              Sharkey  & Ward 
8:00pm     Jonathan Silk Quintet                              Corey Mwamba’s Improv Mashup
9:00pm     Paul Edis & Friends                                   More Mwamba Mashup!
Matt Anderson – saxophones. Leading member of Leeds’ new young mainstream scene.
Mick Beck – tenor sax & bassoon. Highly respected improviser with a sound that strips paint

Ntshuks Bonga – alto sax. South African born artist bringing a township touch to free improv
John Burgess - reeds. Versatile Scot equally at home with classic jazz and free music.
George Burt – guitar. The most innovative guitarist since the late Derek Bailey.

David Carnegie – drums. Welcome return to Tyneside for the brilliant Barbadian drummer
Andy Champion – double bass. Gateshead-born bassist building an international reputation.
Charlie Collins – drums. Sheffield-based percussionist bringing a powerful rhythmic sense to improv.
John Coxon – guitar. Star of drum & bass crew Springheel Jack, now committed to free improv.
Noel Dennis – trumpet. Warm-toned trumpeter back in the North East after a spell in Glasgow.
Paul Edis – piano. Brilliant exponent of the classic jazz piano tradition.
Zoë Gilby – vocals. One of the UK’s finest jazz singers, making waves with her new album.
Stephen Grew – piano. First Jazz North East appearance for highly original improvising pianist.
Alex Hutton – piano. London-based artist who recently played a stunning gig at the Lit & Phil.
Alan Law – keyboards. Tyneside player testing the boundaries between harmony and freedom.
John Pope – double bass. Rising star on the UK free jazz and experimental music scene.
Corey Mwamba – vibraphone. Brilliant young artist re-inventing the vibes vocabulary.
Martin Pyne – vibraphone. Inspirational vibes player & leader of acclaimed contemporary trio Busnoys.
Mark Sanders - drums. Widely recognised as one of Europe’s finest improvising percussionists.
Chris Sharkey – guitar. Combines astonishing technique with restlessly imaginative approach.
Mick Shoulder – double bass. Swinging bassist, equally at home with 1930s Hot Club or ‘60s post-bop jazz.
Jonathan Silk – drums. Driving force behind the contemporary Birmingham jazz scene.
Adam Sinclair – drums. Superb Tyneside drummer with a mastery of the whole jazz heritage.
Simon Spillett - tenor saxophone. Leading UK mainstream player, the musical heir of Tubby Hayes.
Adrian Tilbrook - drums. The North East’s premier drummer for 40 years, still pushing the boundaries.
Alex Ward - clarinet & guitar. Masterful across the board from minimalist improv to furious free rock.
Mark Williams – guitar. From sensitive accompaniment to full on pyrotechnics, Mark does it all.
Graeme Wilson – reeds. Building a personal style from the legacies of Lester Young & Coltrane.
Lloyd Wright – guitar. Leader of jazz-rock trio Legohead, pushing the music in new directions.
Jason Yarde - alto sax & electronics. Superbly innovative saxophonist, and highly acclaimed composer & arranger.