Sunday July 27th – “Papanosh”

Over the past few years Jazz North East has forged strong links with the young French jazz scene, and – less than a fortnight after welcoming Pulcinella – JNE and Splinter Jazz @ The Bridge are pleased to be presenting another extraordinarily exhilarating and inventive example in the shape of Papanosh.

They describe their music as being at the crossroads of downtown New York and South West France, which in practice means that there’s an undercurrent of traditional French music (particularly in the use of the accordion) but with the rhythmic quirkiness of bands such as the Lounge Lizards. Throw in a fair degree of urban bustle and the melodicism of birdsong, and it’s no surprise that they also characterise their approach as being like “a house with its doors and windows wide open”.

But even that tells only half the story. With a line-up that has several members doubling (or trebling) on different instruments – Quentin Ghomari, for instance, plays trumpet and trombone, while Sebastian Palis switches between accordion, piano, organ, and very occasionally clarinet – there is enormous scope for variety in the soundscape they embrace – this makes their performances constantly engaging, if rather difficult to pigeon-hole.

But that’s typical of so much of the new jazz coming out of France: the moment you think you’ve found a label for it, off it goes in a totally different direction. So, treat it as a mystery tour, go along for the ride, and enjoy the scenery!

This gig is a co-promotion with Jazz North East, in association with the Manchester Jazz Festival



There is no wheelchair access at this venue.

BRIDGE HOTEL, Castle Garth, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1RQ